The Game

Adventures of Jack is the first game ever created by DeadCoast (Now owned by GamersReject) and was made in a short time span, eventually it had a delayed released being January 4th, 2013. The game met fairly poor reviews among friends of the developer and did not become a success, at all. Although the game does still influence GamersReject today it has not been further developed or updated leading to its death but the series is due to be continued with hopeful upcoming sequels. There are ideas floating around to create a second AoJ along with a possible MMO release including the previously planned skills. The MMO may not be part of the series but may instead be coined under a different name. As of 11/9/2015 these are just possibilities and are not yet confirmed.

The Original AoJ Trailer03:37

The Original AoJ Trailer

To the right is the original Adventures of Jack trailer posted on November 20th, 2013. Here you may find all information about AoJ and may also download the game for free!

The original release date was set to be 12/15/13 but was pushed back for undisclosed reasons.


Adventures of Jack takes place in Fletland, relatively little is known about the AoJ world but will be revealed in the future. Fletland currently comprises of the common elements snow, sand, grass, dirt, etc. There are also some cave-like areas.

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