The Startup

DeadCoast was created in the summer of 2013 by a few, now split up, developers seeking to establish a game development team. Adventures of Jack was the only creation of DeadCoast, actually having been produced before the team began, and it became the main focus series of the group before its dissipation in 2014. DeadCoast no longer truly exists and its remnants have been formed into GamersReject. Through its time DeadCoast managed to produce various game ideas and game resources that never went into fruition. Along the way DeadCoast had at one point been split into two seperate groups, neither of which were fully able to create a viable game idea or even a game. 

The End

After a long period of not producing any games DeadCoast had effectively died out and was no longer a group. With its death it was replaced by GamersReject soon after which was originally started to be a game review website that also did not take off. DeadCoast came to a slow and painstakingly lengthy demise. All DeadCoast assets were transferred ownership to GamersReject and the flagship series Adventures of Jack along with all other game assets and ideas have hence been transferred.

The Future

As of 11/9/2015 DeadCoast will not return but its legacy will not be forgotten, GamersReject will continue the forgotten ideas and further develop all resources until completion. It is the hope of the GamersReject team that we may use DeadCoast as an example to never stop working and keep our dedication at its highest to keep the group alive and producing great games!

Brandontherrien98 (talk) 22:46, November 9, 2015 (UTC)Brandon

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