The Startup

GamersReject was originally founded to be a game review website that went over new and old games. It was founded in 2015 shortly after DeadCoast dissipated. Since then it has inherited all of DeadCoast's property rights including Adventures of Jack. As of 11/10/2015 GamersReject has one member working as its CEO, Sole Developer (Code and Models), Marketer, and Accountant.

Current Work

As of 11/10/2015 GamersReject has one project planned being Adventures of Jack 2. The features to be included in the game to be announced in the coming months of development. The AoJ series will be the flagship series of GamersReject and will be continued until the end of the team.

As of 3/13/2016 GamersReject has no projects planned. We currently have 3 team members.

The Future

In the future there is a possibility that GamersReject will create an MMO based off of the Adventures of Jack series or perhaps even a new series, this possible project may be completed in a few years to come but not anywhere in the near future. There is a possibility that Adventures of Jack 2 may have some sort of Arena mode or other multiplayer functionality but as of 11/10/2015 it is not planned.

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